SMS Messaging Mobile Number Lookup

Maximize and optimize your communications with number lookup

Validate Mobile Numbers

Receive detailed information about your customers'mobile numbers, with Mobile Number Lookup.

Identify whether a mobile number is out of service, invalid, ported or roaming and clean-up mobile number databases. Validate/match the mobile network of your mobile numbers.

Optimize message delivery, improve customer experience and minimize messaging costs.

How mobile number lookup works

Step 1

Your provide your numbers through our Web panel or our API.

Step 2

MobiWeb platform queries the mobile networks in real-time.

Step 3

For each number, we return to you a wide array of information like validity, mobile network,geographic location, roaming status and if the numbers are reachable.

Optimize Communications

Identify current mobile nwetwork and optimize messaging.

Global Coverage

Check mobile numbers of 150+ countries.

Improve User Experience

Increase your customer satisfaction and ROI.

Decrease Operational Costs

Eliminate/minimize undelivered messages.

Real-time Information

Receive real-time information for your queried numbers from through our SS7 network.

Advanced Status Codes

We provide you with detailed advanced status codes for your queried numbers.

Detailed Information

A vast array of information, including validity, mcc, mnc, imsi, country, mobile network, portability, location, availability and roaming status.

Pay As You Go

With no minimum limit, you can increase and decrease your queries as you see fit.

Example Uses

  • Cleanup Number Databases
  • Validate your Mobile Numbers
  • Receive Detailed Information
  • Optimize Communications
  • Reduce Communication Cost
  • Prevent Fraud


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